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Business Outlook

  This is a quarterly publication aimed at those who require depth of detail about the business environment, analysing prospects across 22 industries and each of the Australian States and Territories. It provides facts, figures and forecasts on Australian and world growth prospects, interest rates and exchange rates, wages and prices, exports and imports, jobs and unemployment, taxes and public sector spending. These forecasts strengthen and enhance your strategic planning capacity.

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Investment Monitor

This quarterly publication provides detailed data on the construction sector - the most cyclical of Australia's major economic drivers. It lists Australian construction and investment projects, by State, sector and status of each project. Suppliers will appreciate the project updates and associated contacts, while economists benefit from one of the most comprehensive breakdown of investment prospects available in Australia.

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Retail Forecasts

Produced quarterly, is tailored for the retail industry and contains an analysis of the current state of retail sales and consumer spending, and the major trends likely to emerge over coming years. Included are volume, price and value of individual retail categories. Consumer spending by detailed commodity item and greater detail by retail sales category are also covered in the Detailed Consumer Spending subscription option.

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Employment Forecasts

Employment Forecasts is produced quarterly and provides forecasts and commentary for each industry, plus white collar, blue collar and office demand index (where the latter draws on the 'office intensity' of each industry). There are three levels of data available: State, City and CBD. Employment Forecasts is particularly useful in the analysis of property market demand.

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Budget Monitor

Budget Monitor is the only source of accurate and independent projections of Federal Budget trends in Australia. Governments often have an incentive to hide potential bad news, and sometimes even good news, thus Budget statements rarely tell the full story. Time and again Budget Monitor has alerted financial markets and economists to developments not spelled out in official statements. Produced twice per year, Budget Monitor's track record of accuracy is renowned.

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