Specialised models

Deloitte Access Economics produces a wide variety of bespoke economic models for clients – either building on our existing in-house models, or designing and developing new models. Our specialised models are tailored to suit the needs of the client, with the nature of the model dependent on the complexity of the data available. We aim to create models which are flexible, user-friendly and easily understood by our clients.

Recent specialised modelling includes:

Aged Care Dynamic Cohort model - A model of the demand, supply and financing of residential and community aged care services, for the Aged Care Price Review Taskforce.

The State Intergenerational Model – Covers economic, budgetary and demographic trends in Australia at both the Federal and State levels. This model is used by all Australian State and Territory Governments.

Demand for commercial property - Long-term forecast model including rent and yield forecasts in all major Australian office and industrial property markets.

Private Health Insurance model – A model of the private health insurance sector in Australia prepared for the Department of Health and Ageing, the PHI model projects key outcomes (including membership levels, premiums and the direct cost to Government) under a variety of different policy settings. The model projects over a number of years.

The Residential Aged Care Microsimulation model – This is a policy simulation model of the residential aged care system – one with the ability to inform distributional (‘fairness’) implications across a range of alternative policy settings. The model can look at a data set of representative individuals in residential aged care and generate estimates of the fees and subsidies that would apply under different policy settings.