Macroeconomic policy and forecasting

The macroeconomic policy and forecasting team of specialist modelling practitioners provides modelling and economic consulting services to assist clients to determine the impact of potential economic, policy and other changes on their business, industry and region.

Economic modelling forms the backbone for most of our work, whether it be providing policy advice, undertaking research, or generating specific forecasts for clients. Our private and public sector clients value the rigorous quantitative analysis that is behind the economic advice we provide.

Deloitte Access Economics maintains a number of proprietary in-house economic models, which are supplemented by a wide range of specialised models tailored for individual client needs.

Modelling allows clients to:
• Understand the complex economic interactions that result from changes in policy or the business and economic environment
• See the impact of change on the bottomline or outlook for their business, industry or region
• Equip themselves with solid data and information needed to enter economic or policy debate
• Keep abreast of the key drivers that affect their business.

Our macroeconomic policy and forecasting services are:
• Real estate, property and construction forecasts of demand and supply, wages and prices, materials costs;
• Demographic modelling and forecasting, including at the regional level;
• Workforce planning;
• Government taxation revenue and expenditure modelling and forecasts, detailed policy simulation, Federal budget and policy submissions;
• Superannuation, aged care modelling;
• Statistical and econometric modelling
Subscription publications
• Training for high level use of Microsoft Excel.

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