Health economics and social policy

Deloitte Access Economics’ health economics and social policy team provides a range of services across the health, aged care, disability and social policy sectors. Our clients include government departments; non-profit organisations; pharmaceutical and medical devices companies; funders of programs and services for health, aged, disability and other care; and other services providers in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Specialist health economics services
• Pharmacoeconomics, including pricing studies and reviews, PBAC and MSAC submissions
• Disease cost burden analyses, epidemiological and risk factor analysis
• Cost benefit analysis (CBA), cost effectiveness analysis (CEA), cost utility analysis (CUA), return on investment (ROI) analysis
• Health workforce demand and supply modelling and projections
• IP valuation and risk-return profiles in commercialising biotech IP
• Occupational health and safety (OHS) regulation and practice
• Valuation studies, including utility, willingness-to-pay, discrete choice modelling.
• Multi-arm Markov modelling estimating Incremental Cost Effectiveness Ratios (ICERs)
• Economic contribution studies
• Economic impact studies and project evaluation.

Primary research and analysis
• Web-based surveys, market sizing and analysis
• Patient outcome and quality of life studies
• Compliance assessments (dosage, indication, adherence etc)
• Diary studies and workshop/focus groups
• Meta-analysis, literature review and experimental design
• Mapping and spatial analysis.

• Policy, project and program evaluation and evaluations of pilot initiatives across the range of health and social policy programs and services. (For example, includes health prevention and promotion initiatives, clinical and non-clinical health services, mental health services, disability services and social policy programs such as family programs and homelessness programs)
• Evaluation services include development of logic models, and care/service pathway mapping, development of performance indicator frameworks
• Experienced in obtaining ethics approval
• High degree of experience and expertise in consultation methods including survey design, semi structured interviews and focus groups
• Integration of economic evaluation tools into evaluation design (including cost benefit and cost effectiveness analysis, and financial impact analysis)
• Benchmarking
• Social impact analysis for people with a disability, children and youth, ageing, Indigenous communities and disadvantaged groups.

Policy inputs
• Health care financing and reform (eg, activity based funding, efficient pricing)
• Tailored multi-impact modelling of potential/recent policy modification
• Infrastructure, capacity and inter-generational modelling
• Critical peer review, conceptual analysis and stakeholder consultation
• System analysis (eg, acute, sub-acute, primary/community care and allied health pricing and delivery models).

Statistical and econometric modelling
• Predictive modelling with scenario and sensitivity analysis
• Manipulation and analysis of large, complex datasets
• Dynamic Excel modelling across therapeutic areas and treatment protocols
• Actuarial modelling for R&D, risk assessment and insurance products
• Cost of capital assessments for new infrastructure investments.

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