HealthEdata enables users to easily obtain authoritative, evidence-based health sector information – including relevant projections – about regional populations with particular health conditions and the services and workforces available in that region.  Information can be accessed based on regions of interest – such as Medicare Locals, Jurisdictional Health Districts, Local Government Areas, Statistical Local Areas, federal or state electorates or Australia as a whole – with data easily presented in the form of tables, charts and/or maps.
Summary data and maps can be customised in accordance with the region and time period desired to show any one or more of the following characteristics:

Area health profile: covers prevalence and/or incidence for over 50 health conditions;

Area risk factor trends: covers the estimated number of people with health risk factors such as physical inactivity, risky drinking, smoking, or excess weight/obesity, and how these numbers are projected to change in coming years;

Area services: includes hospitals (public, private and day facilities), pharmacies, general practices, dental practices and optometric practices;

Area health trends: for example, the projected growth in the number of people with specific conditions by age group and gender, or projected growth in the number of new cases of macular degeneration, osteoarthritis, schizophrenia or other conditions;

Area comparisons: for example, maps depicting the differences between health services available in different electorates.

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